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​What is từ từ ?

từ từ is a spiritual community that creates tools for modern (busy) folks to easily connect & practice loving in the everyday life. These tools include games, events, workshops, and blog posts.


​Who is behind từ từ ?

Young, ordinary people who grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We create this venture to show a more gentle way of living and doing business.

The meaning of từ từ ?

“từ từ” means slowly in Vietnamese.
We believe that through the calmness and clarity that come from slowing down, we ground into the peace that already exists within all of us.

When từ stands alone, it means language.
Language is a versatile tool. In the hands of love, it builds purpose, harmony, beauty and joy. At từ từ, we see the things we create as a language to communicate wholesome intention & love.

In Sino-Vietnamese, từ means loving kindness.
At từ từ, we stand firmly in the perspective that with loving kindness, life becomes miraculous. So everything we create is for this intention.

​Are you affiliated with the Slow Living Movement?

Slow Living is a global movement in response to the fast-paced modern life. từ từ is a part of this movement. Our proposition is that: By slowing down to contemplate and care, we cultivate a culture of compassion and peace inside us and others.

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