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We are a community that create tools for modern (busy) humans to easily connect & practice loving in the daily life. These tools include products, games, events, & workshops.





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​zalo: +84 707 169 188



​Who is behind từ từ ?

Young, ordinary people who grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We create this venture to show a more gentle way of living and doing business.

The meaning of từ từ ?

- “từ từ” means slowly in Vietnamese.
We believe that through the calmness and clarity that come from slowing down, we ground into the peace that already exists within all of us.

- When từ stands alone, it means language.
Language is a versatile tool. In the hands of love, it builds purpose, harmony, beauty and joy. At từ từ, we see the things we create as a language to communicate wholesome intention & love.

- In Sino-Vietnamese, từ means loving kindness.
At từ từ, we stand firmly in the perspective that with loving kindness, life becomes miraculous. So everything we create is for this intention.

​Are you affiliated with the
Slow Living Movement?

Slow Living is a global movement in response to the fast-paced modern life. từ từ is a part of this movement. Our proposition is that: By slowing down to contemplate and care, we cultivate a culture of compassion and peace inside us and others.

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