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A Mini Guide to Gifts-giving

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The Question: What to give?

I know holidays are usually a way for businesses to boost their sales, so I don’t buy that part of holidays. But I love holidays at their essence. They give us the “excuse” to take care of our loved ones and to make time for those who matter.

Because we care, so we embark on the journey to finding A Great Gift. However, this might just be one of the most stress-inducing activity of the year. Some of Từ Từ villagers even reported to have nightmares and angry fits.

But if we can calm down and see the fuller picture, isn’t a gift just a way for us to say, “I love you and I care for you. I hope I can bring you more happiness.”?

So while we’re preparing presents this holiday, instead of asking, “Would they like this?”. We can ask, “Can this gift convey my love and care to my beloved clearly? Would my beloved feel loved and cared for by receiving this gift?”


A personal story...

After my mom’s recent operation, I was finding a way to communicate my care to her. So I made a Letter with one page that says, “I am here for you. What can I do to make you feel more loved?” On the other page, there is space for my mom to write down her answers, cut it out, and give it back to me.

Growing up in the Vietnamese house, I know it is difficult for my parents to be expressive about their feelings. To the point that sometimes the feelings become mysterious to the owners themselves.

That makes writing letters wonderful, the activity is introspective, calming, and intimate. By writing down my care, I am also giving my mom the space and time to process my feelings. She can then answer it at her own comfort. Letters like this feels novel, pure, and innocent, which nourishes the joy and warmth in both of us.

I was too excited because I thought the idea of a Care Letter was amazing (haha). So I made some more for Từ Từ Village friends. And that’s how Care Letters series came to life.

If you like Từ Từ Care Letters, you can order them from our website, give us a text, or find them at some souvenir shops around Ho Chi Minh City (check our website for updates).

But hey, you don’t need to buy any letter. You can make these yourself, and there are millions of ways to communicate one’s love. Find a way that speaks it best to your beloved, perhaps the way that only you know. Because a gift matters when it communicates your heart's content.


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