Right now @ Từ Từ

Currently, Từ Từ is in charge of designing the ecosystem for youths in the making of Trần Nhân Tông International University.

Inspired by the profound wisdom of Trần Nhân Tông — a figure embodying the roles of a philosopher, strategist, scientist, and the compassionate spirit akin to a buddha — our University sets itself apart in its founding principles and operational ethos. The University's goal is a commitment to serving all beings and fostering the condition for collective awakening.

Nested within over 1,000 hectares dedicated to reforestation, our campus is a living testament to our commitment to stewardship for humanity and loving compassion towards Mother Nature. We strive to cultivate an ecosystem where educators, students, and their families coexist in harmonious balance with the Earth.

Our University operates on a non-profit model, where investment is driven not by the pursuit of financial returns but by a dedication to fostering global peace and understanding. Profits are reinvested into scholarships and research initiatives aimed at building peaceful human relationships and preventing wars.